Who we are

As a new multilateral development bank setup by the BRICS nations, the New Development Bank is focused on mobilizing resources for infrastructure and sustainable development. The Bank would lend in its member countries, complementing the existing efforts of multilateral and regional financial institutions for global growth and development. Our objective is to supplement the development agenda in our member countries through efficient and result oriented project financing, which is built on the best practices of ethics, compliance and governance. Our headquarters will be based in Shanghai, China and our first regional center will be in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Why Join Us

From the start-up stage of the Bank, we are committed to fostering a diverse work environment built on the pillars of meritocracy, collaboration, result-driven orientation and organizational efficiency. We are in the process of building a team of young meritorious individuals who like to challenge the status quo and bring in new ideas, innovation and approaches.

Join us. Be a part of our growth to contribute in establishing the “next practice” in the field of development finance.


What we offer

You will have an opportunity to chart the growth of the Bank and work with industry experts in a collegial and creative environment built on collaboration, shared values and mutual trust.

NDB has been accorded a special status by our founding members which enables us to offer tax-free emoluments to our staff. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance for staff and eligible dependents, life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment insurance for staff, leave benefit, retirement benefit and post retirement insurance benefit. Our professional staff positions, who are recruited globally, will also receive an additional allowance, at the rate of 20% of the base salary, along with competitive base salary. A relocation allowance will also be available to professional staff joining and relocating from third countries to the country of operations.

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Base Salary for Professional Staff

The salaries in the Bank are market-driven. For professional staff positions, salary is set with reference to appropriate global market for equivalent jobs. It is denominated in US dollars.

The minimum base salary offered at various grades in the professional staff, according to the level of responsibilities, accountabilities and complexity of the job, are as follows:

Base Salary (in USD per annum)
NDB Designations NDB Grades Minimum
Director General 10 232,000
Chief 9 184,000
Principal Specialist/Principal Professional 8 152,000
Sr. Specialist/Sr. Professional 7 120,000
Professional 6 96,000
Young Professional 5 76,000
Junior Professional 4 59,000

The commercial and financial center of mainland China, Shanghai has been one of the fastest developing cities in the world over the last two decades. The city is also a major center of education in China with over 30 universities and colleges and is renowned for the quality of schools, both private and public. Shanghai is well connected and has an extensive public transport system through buses, taxis and the Shanghai Metro. The city has well developed specialty health care infrastructure, which meets international standards both in terms of quality and services.