The New Development Bank is instituted with a vision to support and foster infrastructure and sustainable development initiatives in emerging economies. The Bank will also complement the efforts of other existing financial institutions to realize the common goal of global growth. To accomplish our holistic objectives we work with an attitude to ‘listen, learn, collaborate, innovate’.

Sustainable Development

The 21st century has brought with it tremendous development. However, this progress has been skewed, insufficient & often harmful to our environment. We are committed to be a partner in bringing about sustainable development. We are looking forward to partner with initiatives that drive growth and employment while ensuring environmental protection.


Infrastructure development is the key driver of economic and social growth. In the context of developing nations, infrastructural deficiencies are a matter of concern. We, at NDB, strive to identify the gaps between ‘needs’ and ‘funding’. Our mission is to bridge these gaps and be a partner in bringing about truly holistic development.

Our Difference

The New Development Bank comes with a very open mindset. Like the economies we look forward to partner with, we too are on the development curve. We understand the challenges and needs of borrowing partners. This gives us the ability to structure our offerings and processes accordingly. We aim at addressing the needs of developing economies in today’s context and partner with them.